Why EQI?

Education is a crucial factor in shaping the future of individuals and societies, and schools strive to provide quality education by establishing effective education systems. However, ensuring the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these systems requires the support of capable organizations that specialize in accreditation. When choosing a program implementation partner, it is essential to select an organization that possesses the expertise and experience necessary for success.

EQI – the Program Implementation Partner (PIP) is the official implementation partner for Tamilnadu state for NABET. EQI houses experienced experts that have undergone trainings from NABET and are accredited as assessors to support the schools in their accreditation process through EQI. Through this initiative, EQI will help to promote excellence in education, enhance the learning experience for students, and contribute to the overall advancement of the education sector in India.

By seeking accreditation, schools can showcase their commitment to quality education and attract students and parents who prioritize a high standard of education. Additionally, the accreditation process helps schools identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes to enhance their educational offerings, thereby ensuring a holistic and enriching learning environment for students.